RD: How do I use the event dashboard

RD: How do I use the event dashboard?

This tutorial explains how to manage your event with RaceMenu's event management dashboard.

There are two ways to access your dashboard:

  1. Log into RaceMenu and go to "MyRM," then click on "Manage Events" and you should see your event(s). Simply click on the “Manage” button to the access your event dashboard.
  1. The more direct way is to type the URL racemenu.com/d/shortURL into your browser where "shortURL" is changed to your event's Custom URL set on the Summary Page in the dashboard.

The first screen you'll see is the summary screen which shows the number of registrations and the dollar amount that has come in so far for your event. From there you can navigate to any area of the site utilizing the pull-down menu's for the major sections listed across the top, or within those sections on the left navigation bar.  We will briefly discuss each below. Follow the links for more detailed info.

Event Setup

- Summary

Shows the number of registrations and the dollar amount that has come in so far for your event. This is also the area where you set your Custom URL, publish your event to the RaceMenu calendar, and open it for registration.

- Event Details

There is a tab bar within this section as seen below:

- Details

These are the basics of your event - the who/what/where/why. It is what will be displayed on our calendar, so make it memorable!

- Disclaimer

Make sure to enter a waiver/disclaimer to protect you, your volunteers, your organization, and your sponsors. All entrants have to agree to when registering for your event on RaceMenu.

- Page Editor

This is where you can list all the information about your event. You're able to insert text, links, images, and even embedded videos, using our WYSIWYG editor. (WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get)

- Notifications

Enable delivery of a daily registration summary and/or  an email notification for each registration.

- Start List:

If you want to show the number of entrants your race has, check the box here for "display total entrants on event details page." You can also use the link displayed after "Your Start List URL:" to show people who has already registered.

- Confirmation Email:

Anything you include in this section will be added to the confirmation email your entrants receive after they submit their registration. Typically, this section includes a thank you note, along with information about any referral promotions or a reminder to check your event's Twitter or Facebook page.

Sub-Events (Races/Categories):

This is where your races or entry types are created. The distance/type you selected is already listed as a race - you just need to add the details to it. Click the gear symbol to name it, list a start time, entry fee, prizes, and other various info.

Registration Data:

This shows the lists of Registrations, add a New Registration, Cancellations, Refunds, Teams, Invitations, Wait List, Redeemed Coupon Codes and Influencers & Referrals. You can all export your Registrations Data, Merchandise, All Transaction Data and Timing / Results in a .CSV file.


This shows your payments from RaceMenu and you can also add and or edit your preferred payment method.

Email Registrants:

You can send an email to your registrants. You can choose to send it to everyone, from a list (To a certain sub-event) or to a single registrant.

Fundraising: You can set up your fundraiser by going into Details. You can set up a default goal, make fundraisers required, no fundraisers or optional. Add introductory text and title as well as a fundraising beneficiary.

Going into “Fundraisers” will show you the list of current fundraisers same with going into “Donations” which will give you the list of all donators. “Export Donations Data” will give you a .CSV file with all donation data.