RD: How do I add an event to your calendar?

RD: How do I add an event to your calendar?

On the RaceMenu homepage, click "Create your event for free" or visit racemenu.com/submit.

Enter the name, city, and state of your event. Click "Search Calendar" to prevent a duplicate listing. If your event is not already listed, click "next" to begin submitting details for your event. If an event with the same or similar name already exists, you will be prompted to edit the existing listing, or continue with the name you've submitted. Before proceeding, please consider changing the way your event is listed on our calendar to avoid confusion. Once ready, click "next."

Enter the start & end time for your event, then click "next."

Enter your event location (the street address & any landmarks that will help your attendees), then click "next."

Add your event details here. Your event name will carry over from earlier, but you can enter a description of the event, host, who it benefits, a link to your website, and a link for results. You can also upload your race logo which will be displayed next to the description and a header which will be above all your info on your event listing. None of these fields are required, but will help people learn more about your event. Click "next."

Select the type of event you are hosting; you may select more than one if applicable. Click "next."

Enter your contact information (only name & email required). Click "next."

Review your information and then click "Submit Event."

We'll review your submission, let you know when it is published on our calendar, and follow up if you request any additional information.