Holiday/Winter Challenge FAQs

This article applies to Run/Walk Challenges such as the Holiday Challenge, the Winter Challenge, and others. 

Why can't I sign into the app?

If you are having trouble signing into Raceday, please visit this page.

Where do I log my mileage for the Challenge?

While you registered for the a Run/Walk Challenge at, your runs are logged in Raceday. RaceMenu and Raceday are two separate and distinct web applications. There's a web version of Raceday and an iOS version for iPhone/iPad users. 

Raceday-web can be access via any web browser at

If you're using an iOS device, you can download the Raceday app from the App Store.
If you have an older version of the Raceday app, you'll need to update to iOS v2.0.5 or later.  

Sorry, we no longer support the Android version of Raceday and will not be updating it for the 2019 Winter Challenge. Please use Raceday-web.

How can I get added to a team?

Email requesting that your entry be added to the team and please remember to include the event name (there are multiple Winter Challenge events) and the team name.

How do I edit my mileage?

Raceday-web: Click on History, select a date, edit whatever value(s) you want to change, then click "Save."
Raceday-iOS: Click on RunLog > History, select a date, click edit, edit whatever value(s) you want to change, then click "Save."

There is a known issue editing saved mileage in Raceday-web in Chrome and Firefox on touch-screen monitors. The calendar and mileage fields often do not respond when clicked via the cursor. Current workarounds include 1) selecting via the "tab" button and editing via arrows, 2) using Internet Explorer, or 3)using a non-touch monitor. We are working on it and will update this article as more information becomes available.

Note: You can only edit runs/walks which are within the four day grace period. 

What if I run/walk multiple times on the same day?

The app calculates your daily total, so if you run three miles in the morning and another three miles in the evening, you'll have six miles for that day and qualify for the gold level. If you run three miles  outdoors in the morning and three miles indoors miles in the evening, your overall level will still be gold (six miles) and your Winter Warrior level will be silver (three miles.) 

How are the medals and Winter Warrior status determined?

There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels based on your total daily mileage, both indoors and outdoors. Each level is determined by your actual daily mileage, not your average daily mileage. So if you run 5+ miles for 30 days, and 1 mile for 1 day, you will still be at the Bronze level due to that one day of lower mileage.  Note: the app tracks your daily total based on EST, so if you're running at 11pm in Portland, OR you'll need to log that run as 8pm because 11pm PST is 2am EST so your run will be logged as the next day and that could mess up your daily requirement.

If you log miles both indoors and outdoors every day, you may have two different levels depending on your mileage. The summary screen and overall leaderboard will always display your highest level, while the Winter Warrior leaderboard will display your Winter Warrior level.

The levels are ranked from lowest to highest in the following order:

  1. -- Bronze = run/walk 1 mile/day 
  2. -- Winter Warrior Bronze = run/walk 1 mile/day outdoors 
  3. -- Silver = run/walk 3 miles/day 
  4. -- Winter Warrior Silver = run/walk 3 mile/day outdoors 
  5. -- Gold = run/walk 5 miles/day 
  6. -- Winter Warrior Gold = run/walk 5 mile/day outdoors

Problem: What's the deadline for logging my mileage?
There's a four day grace period to log and edit mileage. No exceptions will be made after four days. 

Problem: Why is there a big red X on the running man?

This image does not  necessarily mean that you are out of the competition. This image is to alert you that there is a missing entry for one of the days. If that missing entry is within the 4 day grace period, then you have nothing to worry about. Simply add the log entry for that day and your medal status will be returned to normal. If, however, you missed a day during the challenge and you're outside of the 4 day grace period, this is the saddest image of them all. We're sorry, but you're out of the Winter Challenge.

Problem: When (or where) do I get my Winter Challenge shirt?

Since the shirt will include the name of every Winter Warrior, they get printed and shipped after the completion of the Winter Challenge. If you did not order a shirt during registration, you can order one by visiting the registration page and selecting the "Fundraising & Merchandise Only" option.

Still having trouble?
If none of these problems apply or none of these solutions fix your problem, please submit a support ticket (click the "Support" tab on RaceMenu or email explaining the issue you're experiencing.