Raceday Login Issues

Please note that RaceMenu and Raceday are two separate and distinct web applications. You registered for a challenge at racemenu.com, but your runs are logged in Raceday. There's a web version of Raceday and an iOS version for iPhone/iPad users. 

Raceday-web can be access via any web browser at  racemenu.com/raceday.

If you're using an iOS device, you can download the  Raceday app from the App Store.
If you have an older version of the Raceday app, you'll need to update to iOS v2.0.5 or later.  

Sorry, we no longer support the Android version of Raceday and will not be updating it for the 2018 Winter Challenge. Please use Raceday-web.

If you are unable to log into Raceday, or do not see an entry on the Pulse tab, here are the most common problems and solutions:

Problem: You can't sign into Raceday because your RaceMenu account is associated with a different email address than the one you listed in Winter Challenge entry form. This is common for users who sign in via 3rd party apps like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

SIgn into RaceMenu, click to racemenu.com/myrm, make sure the Winter Challenge entry is showing (with a "registered" button) and look at the top left corner to see the email address associated with your account. You'll need to sign into Raceday with that same email address and password (or 3rd party app) to access your Winter Challenge entry.

Problem: You are registered via someone else's account. You will not see your Winter Challenge entry when signed into your Raceday account unless your registration is transferred into your own RaceMenu account.

The easiest thing to do is sign into Raceday with the account information of the person who registered you for the Winter Challenge, or have them log your mileage. If you want to log mileage yourself, the person who registered you for the Winter Challenge entry needs to request that the entry be transferred to your account. If you do not have a RaceMenu account, you can create one here. Once created, the person who originally registered and paid for you should email hello@racemenu.com with the following information:

  1. Name, email address, and account # associated with the original account used to register and pay for the Winter Challenge entry. (find your account# at racemenu.com/myrm)
  2. Name of person whose entry we should transfer.
  3. Email address and account # of the RaceMenu account receiving the transferred entry (if you log into RaceMenu via 3rd party service, provide the email used to log into that app.) 

Problem: When signing into RaceMenu, you use Google or Amazon, but those options are not available in the Raceday app.

You are using an old version of Raceday. Please update your app to version 2.0.5 or higher.

Problem: You have multiple accounts on RaceMenu.You registered for the Winter Challenge with one account, then signed into Raceday with a different (new or pre-existing) account. This is especially common for people who have signed into RaceMenu via 3rd party apps (Facebook, Google, Amazon) but have also signed into RaceMenu with an email address.

Sign into Raceday with the same account you used when registering on RaceMenu. Not sure? Sign into RaceMenu, click on MyRM, and look at your list of events:

If your Winter Challenge entry IS listed at  racemenu.com/myrm, note your account number listed next to your name in the upper left corner of that tab. When logged into Raceday, that same account number should appear on the settings tab. If the numbers do not match, you're logged into the wrong Raceday account. 

If your Winter Challenge entry  IS NOT listed at  racemenu.com/myrm, you're logged into the wrong RaceMenu account. Check your inbox for the confirmation email you received when registering for the Winter Challenge, or email hello@racemenu.com with your name, DOB, and how you're logging into Raceday. (Facebook, or email/password)

Problem: When trying to sign into Raceday via Facebook, you get an error "We're sorry, something went wrong."

You have two accounts which need to be merged. For some early (pre-2013) users of RaceMenu, you may have two accounts associated with the same email address if you logged in via Facebook Connect back before Facebook shared your email address. If you also had an account on RaceMenu via the same email address you used on Facebook, you had two RaceMenu accounts associated with that one email address the moment you logged into RaceMenu via Facebook. Since Facebook now shares your email address, this creates an authentication problem when logging into RaceMenu. To fix this, we simply merge the two accounts and the problem is solved. Please email hello@racemenu.com with your name, email address, and DOB and we'll merge your accounts.