Fundraising Pages

RaceMenu began testing a beta version of online person-to-person (P2P) fundraising pages in 2018 to help event organizers and participants raise money for 501(c)(3) nonprofits organizations. RaceMenu's pricing of just 5.0% + 50¢ is lower than FirstGiving (7.5%), (7.9% + 30¢), and Crowdrise (8.9% + 30¢). Our lower fees means more money going to your favorite charitable cause.

If an event organizer has created a fundraising campaign, event entrants can be given an option to create a personal fundraising page during the registration process, or the pages can be created automatically for every entrant. Once the fundraising page has been created, the short URL (which can be customized by the entrant) is displayed after check-out, included in the entrant's registration confirmation email, and also linked on their MyRM page. By default, each fundraising page includes a message from the event organizer which can be customized by the entrant, who can also upload a photo. The fundraising page displays how much has been raised as well as the fundraiser's goal amount. Donations can be made in any dollar amount and the donor can include a message which is displayed on the page. The donor can optionally choose to have their name listed as "anonymous" on the fundraising page. 

Event Participants:
If the event organizer has enabled fundraising, you can create a fundraising page during the registration process. If you want to create a fundraising page for an event in which you are already registered, check the event page to see if the organizer has a free sub-event for creating fundraising pages. If so, select that to create your page. If not, just email and we'll get you going.

Event Organizers:

To enable fundraising for your event, you'll need to associate a fundraising campaign with your sub-event(s). Go to the Fundraising section of your organizer dashboard to create a campaign. (see screenshot below) The "Campaign Name" is for internal use only; all other fields are displayed during the registration process and/or on the fundraising page. 

If the fundraiser is set as optional, a fundraising page will be created for each entrant who selects to create one during the registration process. 

If the fundraiser is set as required, a fundraising page will be automatically created with each entry. The organizer specifies an amount for the minimum fundraising requirement and the default goal. The entrant can edit the goal amount to any value greater than or equal to the required amount.